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GEMS Education an organization which is now synonymous to the word EXCELLENCE is more than 50 years old and serves the world community in the field of Education and Health Care. With a staff of over 10.000 and with more than 110,000 students from 150 nationalities in its schools GEMS looks at education and the management of schools from all facets, all angles, to ensure that its approach to education is consistently at the cutting edge of quality and service.

OOHS Al Warqa’a is one of the GEMS schools which started in 1968 and has carved a niche for itself in the Emirate of Dubai and in the UAE. It imparts education to Boys from Grades 1 to 12 and is proud to be a leading institution in the field of education.

I am privileged and honoured to be the Principal and CEO of this great institution from April 2012.  

I believe that our children in schools need an environment which is conducive to their Holistic Development, in which they do not fear but approach each situation with confidence, think critically, act responsibly and create effectively. My role at this school is to create this environment for our children to grow. Grow with the understanding of things rather memorizing of facts. Grow while they develop the power of reasoning rather than rote. Grow with empathy towards others, not sympathy.  Grow with their heads held high, as humble, humane individuals. A child comes to school to acquire a sound Education. But what is Education? Is it the Mathematics and Physics that he or she learns? Or is it the Language skills he or she displays to express ones ideas. Or, is it what he or she remembers to do at all times, the things that were written in the book, given at school? So what is Education?

I believe that Education is something what is left inside an individual, when everything else memorized by him or her, is forgotten. It is what the human spirit is actually made of. I believe that character, habits and the value system which the individual has and displays is the real education that he or she possesses. For me as a Principal, these are the attributes which I believe are most valuable today for the human civilization and this is what I would like to develop in our children and staff, at the Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a, Dubai, UAE.

Coming first for a child is important but not as important, if he hasn’t developed respect for those who tried and couldn’t make it to the top. Winning a game is important but not as important, if one has not played by the rules. Becoming a captain or a head is important, but not as important if one doesn’t move forward taking the entire team with oneself. Yes, excellence is our goal, character our mission, and respect for others our vision. This is the road map that I have and plan to follow for the children and staff of the School.

Based on a sound value system, we at school would always endeavor to make children into adaptable, sensitive and positive human beings, who can face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

To reach our goals we have the entire GEMS Group with us to guide and assist us in all spheres of Education at school. We are also privileged to be assisted every year with a KHDA(Ministry of Education) inspection. I am confident that these two great organizations are a great help to our school to continue to grow, develop and improve.

I understand that this school has a strong Parent Support Group and I thank them for their contribution and for being in Partnership with the school to raise its standards. I welcome them to continue to provide us their feedback and help us impart the best education to their children at school.

I am sure the excellent staff members who have already built a name for the school will continue to improve the standards of interaction with children and leave no stone unturned to further raise the standards of education imparted at school, taking the school towards the best school of the 21st century.

Sanjeev Kumar Jolly
Principal / CEO

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