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Leadership Team

GEMS experience and expertise in education management across a variety of international curriculum ensures that infrastructure and resources in all schools meet high teaching and learning standards.

The primary focus of the education management team is to create policies and operating structures that meet world class standards of high quality education. The team also coordinates the entire range of school operations to ensure seamless integration of all services and provision.

Due to our international reach GEMS is able to recruit high calibre professionals from around the world. GEMS most valuable resource is our team of dynamic education professionals that steer the high standards of teaching and learning in all GEMS schools.

Regular assessment and training programmes provide employees with opportunities for professional growth and a platform to develop new skills. Additionally, GEMS provides its staff a wide range of professional development opportunities across the network.

These together with a regular programme of assessment and evaluation ensure that all members of the GEMS team in GEMS schools and at the corporate level perform to high professional standards.

Gloria Andres      
 Sanjeev Jolly
  Dr. Anjuli Murthy
   Akhyar Ahmad
Head of Middle School
 Donald Errol Weilson
Supervisor-Grades 11 & 12
  Herman Joseph Gomes
Supervisor-Grades 9 & 10
   Shanta Viswanathan
Head-Senior School
  Wallace D'cruz 
Supervisor-Grades 5
  Vinita Anna Mathews  
Supervisor-Grades 8
  Bindu Saikumar
Supervisor-Grades 7
Aarti Sunil Kanal 
Supervisor-Grades 6
    Neelima Nanda
Supervisor-Grades 3 & 4
  Sudha Chidambaram
Supervisor-Grades 1 & 2
 Syed Zakir Ul Haq
Supervisor-Arabic & Islamic Studies
       Agnello Paul Fernandez
Activity Coordinator


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