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A high quality of classroom experience is the essential foundation for effective learning. The quality of the workforce is decisive in achieving enduring success. We have a dynamic force of over 152 teachers who are dedicated professionals. Our teachers possess the optimum combination of knowledge, skill and aptitude, besides a caring attitude.

The specialist training, experience and expertise of a 208 strong staff is of fundamental importance, but it is the enthusiasm that they bring to their work and the professional commitment and positive leadership that they offer to our students that is a distinctive feature of the school.

Orientation workshops in various subjects are held periodically to hone the teaching skills of faculty members and to equip them for the ever-changing and challenging scenario of the educational field.

GEMS’ in-house Training and Quality Assurance department continuously evaluates and provides appropriate training programmes in every aspect of teaching. The ‘Centre for Advancement of Teacher Education’ upgrades the subject knowledge and skills of teachers through its Resource Centres. 

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