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Our Own High School embraces the GEMS philosophy of preparing the whole child for the whole world. The school offers a kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities, community involvement programmes and school events which support our rich education programmes that provide all-round development of the students' personality. An Activity period is incorporated into the timetable for this purpose.

Creative Expressions
Visual Arts

We pride ourselves on providing a wide platform for students’ artistic and creative energies. We help to channel creativity and imagination as a means of self-expression, through a series of art competitions and talent shows held throughout the year. The fine quality of art at “Our Own” is in evidence in the department and is on display around the school. Students gain genuine fulfillment by expressing themselves in drawing, painting, three-dimensional work, and other media. Various activities include craft making, glass painting, fabric painting, sand painting, mask making, vegetable printing, collage,

The Performing Arts

Music is developed through vocal and instrumental skill-based activities contributing to the school's characteristically energetic and outgoing ethos. There are plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to participate in choirs and ensembles.

We also involve our students in various performing arts and over the years have helped mould students with exceptional theatrical talents and presence of mind on the stage. They are involved in musicals, cultural performances, dances, elocution and drama. The opportunity to perform is given an excellent foundation at ‘Our Own’ where productions are staged at least twice a year.

Students learn to develop a deep appreciation for different forms and various expressions of art and culture. They gain self-confidence and poise that will prove to be an asset for them in the future.

Public Speaking
The skill to speak in public is a must for success in life. Acquiring public speaking skills involves "learning by doing." Students are trained to give short demonstration speeches beginning in primary grades and progressing through high school. Their oral communication techniques are refined and retooled as they gain more experience through debates, declamations and elocution.

Star of the Section Award
To encourage students in participating in co-curricular activities, especially expression of art and speech the school features the Stars of the Section Award. Class teachers conduct section wise competitions in Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Vocal Music and Art to identify and promote the wealth of talent in the students. Winners are awarded with a 'Star of the Section' certificate.

Physical Education

Students experience many areas of activity including games such as cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and basketball as well as gymnastics, athletics and swimming. Free coaching is given in the activities after regular class hours. Emphasis is placed on the value of exercise as a means of enjoyment as well as promoting a healthy way of life. Participating in team games is encouraged in order to develop appropriate social skills. We take part in inter-school matches and sporting events.

To provide a full range of facilities for physical education, the school has hired the facilities available at the Etisalat Academy. “Our Own” has an established reputation for sporting achievement.

A perfect package of mental and physical activities that enhance the overall personality of the student. Under the able guidance of competent teachers, boys are given training to 'be prepared' to face the challenges of life.

Educational Field Trip
The school conducts field trips and outings that provide interesting, fun-filled and educative experiences for students. Student involvement and participation is a prime objective, as successful first hand experiences foster a positive attitude towards learning and reinforce the concepts that are learned in the classroom.

Activity Clubs
The school offers a variety of activities for students to pursue from Quiz clubs, Maths Club, Environment Club, History Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Chess Club, Cooking Club, etc.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club develops general knowledge and initiates logical and critical thinking among students.

Environment Club
The broad aim of the Environmental Club is to inculcate a sense of respect and responsibility towards the environment and build awareness among all age groups. The club helps students to develop skills with which they can bring about a change in the existing state of the environment. Though formal education has an important role to play, when it comes to environmental education, the teaching and learning process must be done through a 'fun-and-learn' method, thereby generating a genuine interest for the subject in young minds.

Our students participate in large numbers every year in the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science Olympiads organised by the Council of CBSE schools in the Gulf.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme
This is a voluntary, non-competitive and flexible programme of cultural and adventurous activities which students can pursue in their spare time. Students who are 14 years and above can qualify for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. It is widely recognised by educationists and employers and develops self-confidence ,and hones the skills and talents that are latent in the youngsters. It promotes a sense of responsibility and students experience a sense of achievement.

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