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The 3-a-day Approach

3-a-dayGEMS encourages parents to make family learning part of their lifestyle by reminding them to do three of the most effective engagement activities everyday:

  • talk about learning
  • share learning
  • encourage learning

We call this approach to engaging parents, “3-a-day

By talk about learning, we mean have regular two-way conversations about what your child is thinking and learning - this means listening too.

  • Ask questions about the world around us, support with repetition, and extend learning by introducing new vocabulary, ideas and examples
  • This best done without TV, phones or distractions

By share learning, we mean experience or do learning focused activities together. The types of activities will change as children grow older.

  • Read together (proven best activity for Primary children)
  • Explore and experiment with new things (kitchen science, building, learning through play, etc.)

By encourage learning, we mean specifically praising the progress and efforts children make to learn. This is perhaps the most important of the three daily habits.

  • Give specific feedback on how/what they are learning (simply state what they are learning)
  • Role model a positive attitude towards learning, teachers, and school
  • Role model perseverance and discipline – show your child that you stick with challenging tasks
  • Set and guide their daily routines – this also promotes independence, stability and confidence
  • Set high standards and realistic expectations – Discuss and agree on what is expected academically, behaviourally and socially

We integrate 3-a-day into classroom routines, and remind busy families to “talk about, share, and encourage” learning daily, in their own way or style.

Even parents who do not speak English or feel they lack the skills/confidence to support the curriculum, can do “3-a-day” in their home language, and be strong role models of learning.

At every age or stage, we hope that “talk, share, and encourage” become healthy family learning habits, which stay with students throughout their school careers, and develop as their needs change.

See the Parental Engagement section at the GEMS Education website, for suggestions on how to “talk, share, encourage” and reminders to “do your 3-a-day.”

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