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GEMS Parental Engagement Programme

The GEMS Parental Engagement Programme was launched in 2009 with the goal of improving student achievement. A priority in every GEMS school, this initiative requires strategic and on-going support of parents to help further student progress. Demand for the programme is evident by the tens of thousands of parents who participate in Parental Engagement events and activities in our schools.

Schools facilitate regular opportunities for parents to understand the value of engagement and help develop their skills to assist learning at home. GEMS ensures the school infrastructure and professional development to integrate parents into teaching and learning, and provides information, tips and resources on both parenting and how to support the ‘3-a-day’ approach at home, on a dedicated Parental Engagement website,

Each GEMS school is unique and develops Parental Engagement activities tailored to meet the needs of their community, but certain elements are expected from every school. These may include:

  • Recognition of parents as central to the teaching and learning process
  • 2-Way Communication informing parents of study programmes in advance so that they can support, and opportunities for parents to report feedback or concerns
  • Tools, resources and guidance for parents to support their children’s learning
  • Consultation or face to face contact opportunities for teachers, students and parents to discuss progress, set targets and explore how parents can support further progress
  • A Parents’ Association which will help promote the ‘3-a-day’ approach and best home learning practices to other parents
  • Opportunities for parents to attend school events including sports, prize days, and cultural fairs, to interact with the staff, students and community
  • Opportunities for parents to join a class to better understand modern teaching and learning
  • Expert speakers to help parents understand learning and child development
  • Parent workshops or meetings (coffee hours, focus groups, info sessions, etc.) on helping children to learn and succeed
  • Guidance for students to engage their parents in learning at home and in the community through “talk, share, encourage”

In addition to strong on-going parent outreach in each school, GEMS brings Parental Engagement to the centre stage of our schools across the United Arab Emirates in an annual celebration called “Parental Engagement Week.” The week is a reminder of this daily priority and highlights the most effective activities which support parents, who in turn support their child or teenager.

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