The inclusive ethos of Our Own High School is reflected in every aspect of the school’s policies and processes.

DSIB inspectors also recognized this and sited OOW’s Inclusion Department as a success story. In their words “The school has a very positive and nurturing ethos which underpins the policy for inclusion. Students of Determination are welcomed and whilst the specialist staff team is not large in number, it is cohesive and well led.” The school takes pride in this recognition. We embody the GEMS vision ‘Every child is a Genius’.

We practice a transparent and open door policy that welcomes students with varied needs. Parents feel confident to approach their ‘counsellor’ to discuss their concern.  Our teachers are sensitive to the needs of the students and support the students in the classroom with the appropriate provisions and accommodations.

You may click on the link below to  view the latest framework on Dubai Inclusive Education policy (2017) and the Federal Law No 29 of 2006 and Law No (2) of 2014 governing Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disability in the Emirates of Dubai

 You may also access the school inclusion policy on the Phoenix Classroom.

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