Teaching Principles

All GEMS schools have learning principles based on the four core values of World Citizenship, Universal Values, Leadership Skills and Forward Thinking. 

Our Own High School plays a central role in the formation of those attitudes and skills that will help its graduates emerge into the adult world as productive, progressive and balanced life-long learners who can function with competence and confidence in whatever milieu they find themselves in the future.

All our teaching staff are well-qualified professionals bringing with them relevant and rich educational experiences.  Primarily, all members of the teaching team are fully committed to supporting the children and addressing their individual learning needs to maximize their potential.

The school provides:

  • A happy atmosphere free from stress and competition for our young pupils to enjoy early learning.
  • A stimulating and challenging programme for the older pupils that gradually increases in complexity, through which each one develops independence of thought and freedom of expression.
  • An interactive basis for the teaching-learning cycle which encourages all learners develop thinking skills and confident articulation of thoughts and ideas.
  • The right balance between curricular and co-curricular activity for all pupils to have sufficient opportunity for holistic development to each one’s potential.
  • A relevant ICT programme for the development of skills which will enable our graduates have a extra tech-savvy edge.
  • The everyday balance between traditional values and progressive attitudes.
  • A democratic approach where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.
  • Helping students overcome emotional, behavioral and academic concerns that interfere with their adjustment to normal school life.
  • Equipping all students with a repertoire of life skills that allows them to face and effectively deal with different situations like conflict-resolution, decision –making, anger-management, dealing with peer-pressure, relationship-building etc.

At Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a we aim to ensure that every student acquires a high standard of skills academically, socially and personally. We strive to create a stimulating and secure environment, to help develop lively enquiring minds and a positive desire to learn.  We aim to help students develop creatively and give them opportunities to hone their talent in music, art, sports and drama. We ensure that our students develop a strong sense of self-esteem and individuality by encouraging self-reliance and independence, and, that they imbibe sound moral and spiritual values within a supportive and caring community.

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