Middle School

Grades 6 to 8

Through Middle School our teachers ensure that students strive to reach their full potential. The curriculum aims to produce confident and competent learners, who are able to communicate effectively. Our teachers encourage group interactions developing learning communities, stimulating student/faculty discussions, and encouraging electronic exchanges. Opportunities are also sought beyond the classroom to broaden the experience and learning of each child through visits and field trips.

Students are encouraged to develop self-discipline and a sense of independence. They are taught how to take responsibility for themselves and others. They learn to make their own decisions and are made to understand that they are responsible for the decisions they make. High standards are set to promote excellence.

Subjects at the Middle Level

Curricular Extra-Curricular
Social Studies
Computer Science, Animation
Islamic Education/Life Skills
Moral Education
Hindi / French / Malayalam / Urdu
Art and Craft
Physical Education
Club Activities

Head of Middle School

Herman Gomes
Recently appointed in April as the Head of the Middle School at Our Own High School Al Warqa’a. Prior to this, he was the Educational Supervisor of Grade 10 at OOW. He has successfully fulfilled multiple roles as a senior teacher in both India and UAE; Head of Social Science department, Housemaster, Coordinator of the Afternoon Self-improvement programme at GEMS Modern Academy, Marketing coordinator, CBSE and ICSE evaluator for Social Science.


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