Science & Technology

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Ever since its inception the school has won accolades in the U.A.E. National Robotic Olympiad for many years in succession. Our Own High School has represented the United Arab Emirates in the World Robotic Olympiad at Naning (China 2006), Taipei (Taiwan 2007), Yokohama (Japan 2008), Seoul (Korea 2009), Manila (Philippines 2010), Abu Dhabi (UAE 2011& 2012), Malaysia (2012) & Jakarta (Indonesia 2013). Winners of National Robot Olympiad -2014.

STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

To widen the learning platform for our students and to incorporate holistic learning environment, the school has initiated STEAM education which integrates the learning of Science, and Math with Art, Technology and Engineering.

STEAM education focuses on promoting creativity and spirit of exploration in the learning process.

Incorporation of STEAM in the curriculum will propel students towards careers and academic pursuits involving five broad subject areas.

F1 in Schools

Our School has been a part of this competition since 2013. Ever since its inception, our teams have performed on par with teams who have had years of prior experience. Despite being newcomers in this field, our teams have still left a long lasting impact in the history of F1 in Schools.