Student Registration

Welcome to the GEMS Online Student Enquiry.

Enquiry to school will be done via the GEMS website or through each schools’ own website.

For a guide in how to fill out the form please click here. You will be provided with simple instructions as to how to fill the form very easy.

Once you fill out the form you will receive a Enquiry number

Please print a copy of this Receipt and keep it for your records. If you cannot print this page, please ensure you write down the Enquiry Number.

Without the Enquiry Number, we cannot verify your Enquiry.

Once you have received your enquiry number, please contact the school Registrar with the following documents to proceed with the completion of the enquiry and ensure admission for your child.

Please complete the Online Student Registration Form here.

*Please note that the only alternative GEMS Premium Schools with primary places for September 2009 are GEMS World Academy, GEMS Wellington Primary School, GEMS Royal Dubai School. For more information about other schools in the network please contact the school directly.